Christmas Gift Ideas For Gymnast |Emmalikesflipping

Christmas Gift Ideas For Gymnast |Emmalikesflipping from Youtube by Emmalikesflipping, 34 views

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In todays video I gave some gift ideas for a gymnast.Do you have any video ideas for me?(make sure they are gymnastics/exercise If so please comment some ideas down below. Also if you have any video editing tips let me know😊Please comment, like, and subscribe as always.... Bye people of the world! My @emmapaige_ My Instagram: @emmapaige_ And @emma.paige._ My snapchat: @emmapaige_0 My Twitter: e@mmapaige010 My other channels EmmaPaige and ChallengeHallway3: And ChallengeHallway3 Q&A Q: How old are you? A: I'm 11 Q: What type of gymnastics do you do? A: I do competitive Tumbling which includes Rod floor, Trampoline, and Double mini. Q: What level are you? A: I'm level 5/6