Spontaneous Collaboration

Spontaneous Collaboration from Youtube by The Polarity Dancer, 12 views

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It's about time we all began creating a new society based upon communication of information; a true Aquarian brotherhood. Perhaps with Facebook we have something like this... but that is virtual. Life is not virtual. For a society based upon the principle of freedom perhaps we need to apply the philosophy of cybernetics to our so-called civilization. Saturn does not want debt slaves and pyramid control hierarchies. Saturn merely demands order, not a society based upon fear and violence. What we have at the moment is a negative channeling of the Blue Ray of Father Time. What we need is a tendency towards being positive. For that we need to live in abundance and make actions in love, not live in lack and make actions in hate. Making society about the sharing of knowledge between individuals I think will be more successful than a blind obedience to authority and a love of money. As for myself I love to learn about different religious beliefs and spiritual ideas. This is why I 'jump in' and 'collaborate' with people of 'different faiths' in order to collect perceptions that will guide me to something resembling truth... or something resembling a huge lie! Either way, there is knowledge. Along the way I grow because I do not accept the binding (Religion means BINDING) of faith but use it to express myself and journey towards an evolution of my consciousness. You can see this in the many different videos I have made. This is just one example of creative collaboration that I talk about in this video.